What is a School Council?

The School Council is group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and   to improve our school, they all have to work together as a team in order to get things done.

Why do we need a School Council?

Children might notice things which need changing that adults are not aware of.

How is the School Council selected?

Our school council is made up of 2 children from each year group, one boy and one girl, who are elected by their classmates.

What does the school Council do?

The jobs of the School Council are to help make decisions in school and to be voice of the children by representing the views of all pupils. They are responsible for carrying out the ideas and actions that they have agreed upon.

When do they meet?

The School Council meets with Miss Perkins every two week to discuss  issues and make decisions.  They bring ideas from their class mates to the meetings to discuss, ranging from school lunches, new playground equipment and organisation as well as ideas for fun events or how to collect money for various causes. 

Please click on the following link to view School Council's agenda & minutes of meetings.

School Council Agenda and Minutes of Meetings




School Council
local MP Derek Twigg
"Show Racism the Red Card"
Spinney showed support for "Show Racism the Red Card" by wearing red. The school council met with local MP Derek Twigg and asked him questions about racism


School Council 
getting into the festive