​​​​​​Parent & Pupil Questionnaires

We conduct regular Parent & Pupil Questionnaires, during the Autumn term in order to get feedback about our school. It is important to us to gather parents' views, as well as that of pupils in order to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all of our children, and families. 

We encourage all feedback as this information is extremely valuable to us to help us make our school an even better place to be.  

Please click on the following links to view our questionnaire feedback: 

Parent Questionnaire Feedback April 2017

Parent Questionnaire Feedback November 2016

Please click on the following links to view our pupil questionnaire feedback: 

Whole school pupil questionnaire Feedback 2017

All information received is analysed and used to make improvements wherever we can, based on suggestions from our parents and pupils.

Parents can also register their views through Parentview, which is Ofsted's way of collating the parents' perspective of a school.
Please click on the following link to be directed to Parentview -  https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/