​​Spinney Avenue C.E. Primary School Curriculum Statement.

The Curriculum at Spinney Avenue is a whole school curriculum which has been created by staff and pupils. Our aim is to present relevant and interesting learning opportunities to all our children which will excite them and create a love of learning.

The curriculum is an enquiry based approach, designed to promote challenge, enjoyment, breadth and depth, progression, and inspire learning for all our pupils.  It is underpinned by a set of non-negotiables based upon key knowledge and skills that will be taught to the pupils at agreed stages.

Curriculum Aims:

  • Enhance positive growth mindsets in our learners so that they can persevere.
  • To provide excellent instructional teaching
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Encourage cooperation and collaborative practices
  • Explore and use different ways to demonstrate learning, showing adaptability.
  • Promote initiative and entrepreneurship
  • Embed Effective oral and written communication
  • Establish Resilience, independence, curiosity, self-reflection and imagination.

    We provide a wide range of learning opportunities for our children including the following;
  • A taught core curriculum
  • A wide range of technologies
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Focus days/weeks
  • The promotion and teaching of British Values

English, Maths, Science, Music, MFL, RE and Computing are all taught discreetly in line with our aims and principles, however, cross curricular links are made and involved in our enquiry based topics, ensuring that pupils are able to make connections with the real world.

In English we have adopted a book led approach for writing which promotes the teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation. This new approach will teach writing through a half termly text, putting a love of reading at the heart of our teaching. We use Read Write Inc for the teaching of phonics across the school.

In Maths we follow a Mastery approach using a 5 part lesson designed to teach the 3 aims of the National Curriculum, these being; Problem Solving, Fluency and Reasoning.

In RE, as a Church of England school we follow the Lancashire agreed syllabus. The teaching of core Christian values are woven into everything we do in school. We buy in a specialist music teacher for Y4, Y5 and Y6 to develop performance levels and understanding of musical notation.

PE is delivered twice weekly, sometimes taught by a specialist sports coach. We offer fencing to Y4, Judo to Y3, and we have strong links with the Widnes Vikings.

Other foundation subjects are taught through our enquiry based topics. These take account of our local circumstances local and national advice. It leaves scope for teams and individual teachers to introduce well considered innovations to meet the needs of learners, determined by continual assessment and feedback from the pupils.

We have focus weeks and days related to DT, Science, Art and French. All pupils will have two opportunities to work with 'Chef for a day' to develop their food technology skills, and during Enterprise week in December, pupils will make a range of products to sell at our Christmas Fayre, developing DT, maths and leadership skills.

Classrooms are busy and constructive places of learning with working walls which display pupil's current learning and work in progress.

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities for all year groups, these develop many different skills and all pupils are tracked to ensure everyone is involved at some point in the year.​




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