Punctuality and regular attendance are important to your child's progress in school and you as parents you have the primary responsibility for ensuring that your child receives a suitable education.

We ask parents and families to support us in promoting good attendance in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that children attend school regularly and arrive on time.
  • Persistent lateness has an impact on your child's overall attendance.
  • If your child is ill, please contact the school before 10.00 am on the first day of absence. If no reason is received by 10.00am the office will contact home. This is done to ensure the safety of children.
  • When your child returns to school ensure that a note is provided confirming the reason for absence.
  • Avoid taking holidays during term time.


The government takes attendance very seriously because there is clear evidence that any absence from school can and does impact on children's attainment.

 It is a government priority to improve school attendance and ensure schools tackle all forms of absences. 

We have a responsibility to work with the LA and Education Welfare Service to ensure that children attend school. 

We are required to inform the LA if a pupil fails to attend or is late regularly and if no reason for absence is provided.

School will make every attempt to verify the reason for absences by contacting the families. Failure to provide a reason will result in an unauthorised absence being recorded. These statistics are reported to the Department for Education on a weekly basis.

In accordance with the Local Authority Leave of Absence Policy, holidays during term time will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Students with 95% and below attendance may not be authorised even in exceptional circumstances.

Parent/carers must apply in writing to the Headteacher giving details of absence request, and if the request is due to work shutdown, a letter from the employer would need to be presented with the leave of absence request.

If a leave of absence is not granted and you decide to keep your child off, this will result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised in accordance with the Local Authority Policy.

This may also result in a Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority for non-attendance, which will be issued to each person with parental responsibility and the resulting fine will be £60 per person, per child, rising to £120 per person, per child, if the £60 is unpaid.

Should you require any further clarification regarding leave of absence please contact the school office.

Please click on the following link to view the school attendance policy Attendance Policy